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Why does this industry need this?  

Our industry needs a lot of things, unlimited amounts of coffee, the perfect shoe combo of comfort and style, salon chairs that accommodate the very tall as well as the shorty's of the group, and why not an app that is easy to look for or to post our jobs? 

We all know our industry is unique, so why can't we have our own platform to tell the world we have job openings and an easy reference tool for any salon professional to browse their options at their leisure?  

As a salon owner, I have used any platform that I thought a hair stylist, massage therapist, nail technician, barber or esthetician would be looking at, if they were in the market to move their business.  In some instances, I felt like we were in the dark ages (sidewalk signs), too general (FB), questionable as to who was browsing (CL) and word of mouth.  Our industry is so big and has such a presence everywhere, but there was not a place for salon owners to go- a level playing field- to show off your salon and attract the right candidate.

2 years ago I recognized this problem and 2 years ago I began working on a solution.  SalonLinks is the app that solves this problem for salon owners everywhere, as well as salon professionals that feel it is time for a new beginning. 

Organizing this part of our industry has been much harder than I anticipated, but the feeling of gratitude I have for knowing how many people that I can help, makes it more of a journey and less of a burden.

~ Cheers to updating our industry!

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