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The Definition of Irony

Well, the actual definition is doing something, a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects (and is often amusing as a result). It was absolutely contrary to anything I knew about myself to think I would (or could) create an app.

I am the person who accepted technology slowly... allowed "other people" to "go first". I needed the bugs to be worked out of everything, because I sure as hell would not know how to fix it if something went wrong. You see, I am a hair dresser. I do hair. I mastered the skill of having a paper appointment book, I knew all of my clients phone numbers by heart (by writing and rewriting for months)... it was concrete, tangible, and trusted. Then technology entered-- I had to (relatively) quickly adapt to an online booking system as well as online payments. I had to trust that all of this information would not get lost in whatever a cloud is.

I am also a salon owner. A small salon among many in New Hampshire. I like what I have created. I have no intention of expanding to more locations, or even expanding what I have, I have owned it for 11 years, and I am proud of the reputation we have acquired. But, like many salon owners, I had a hard time filling all of my salon chairs. You see, I believe there is a salon for everyone. We are not all alike and our salons are not alike. I believe there is something that is welcoming and fits every personality. Just as I believe in this, I do no believe in hurting another's business to help mine to grow. Now, if a stylist (or spa technician) feels my place suits them, that is great, but I will not be sneaky, undercut competitors, or operate shady in any way. For these reasons, I was left to traditional practices to advertise my openings. So, word of mouth, Craigslist, FB and a good ol' sidewalk sign it was.

Two years ago, one of my staff was asking me to essentially change my business model to accommodate her wishes. After much thought, I told her no. But I wanted to help her find a place that best suited her needs. After realizing first this is not for me to do, I then thought that it was too bad we did not have one place that every salon owner could go to post job openings-- much the same, would be for every salon professional could go to browse openings in the area. Then I thought I would make one!

What started out as an idea to help organize our industry, has turned into an actual app that I am very excited about. The app is easy to use, clear to read, and confidential to browse listings. All of these details were intentional. The app will grow and offer much more in the future, but for now, I really wanted it to solve a problem and be there to help salon owners as well as hairstylists/barbers/nail techs/estheticians/massage therapists- any salon professional!

We have such a unique industry, we should not have to resort to sidewalk signs and FB to advertise! We should have a place that becomes second nature to easily put a job posting out to the world, as well as any salon pro to browse at their leisure. It won't take much, just everyone to begin downloading and signing up, to create a demand for job listings, which will then create a demand for more signups! We have already had over 50 ads from California all of the way to Maine! The ads are for 30 days ~ because in a perfect world, you will fill your positions by then!

Please help spread the word, create a free account, post if you are in need, and be a part of something great! Recognize we are a unique industry and let's take a step toward helping one another!

Cheers to organizing our industry :)


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